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 Drive in Sci-Fi: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1955)

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PostSubject: Drive in Sci-Fi: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1955)   Fri May 04, 2012 12:49 pm

We get the earth creation version, with religious undertones, which was nothing strange for the times, so we can let it slip by. After all, an American 50s production not claiming god is great was the underdog.
A archaeologist finds a claw hand inside a rock near a lake and goes to find out what it is, meanwhile being stalked by the same hand from the water, alive.
Back at the institute he meets his old student, now a scientist and hi girlfriend, now also a scientist. The group of local scientists is amazed by it and think it could be the missing link in evolution from fish to land mammals. They decide to go and make an expedition to find the rest of the fossil. Sounds fail enough, they want to know more about it, so they go back to dig more stone. Since this is amazon, the expedition travels by boat.
When they return to camp, they find the camp empty. Turns out the people are slaughtered. And they think it is wild animals, jaguar in particular. Which is a fair assumption since this is amazon after all. They decide to go to a place called "black lagoon" to search for more fossils. They get there, they start collecting rocks and other samples. Then something attacks their ship, we see its the monster, but they dont. One of them takes a harpoon and a buddy and goes diving to "catch him". They chase him and shoot him but fail. They think its some "human". The creature doesnt like that, he enters the ship and starts killing people. secretly. They chase him and attempt to poison it. Hes drugged and he starts acting weird, the flashlight also affect him negatively, so they set out to capture him. The creature kills yet another one and still they refuse to kill him. They however manage to capture and decide to continue their study.
The creatures escapes and then they try to escape but the creature has blocked the exit. and now they are the hunted. And they decide to fight him in his own enviroment - underwater. this doesnt end well and they make a new plan. The creature kidnaps the girl, they go all macho and kill him. Humans win at destroying evolution again.

Story: 7/10. Story would have been fine if not "he killed 5 of us lets not kill him talk"
Acting: 8/10. Acting was done well on all parts minus some quick shots.
Sound: 3/10. terrible even for a good movie.
Sci factor: 10/10. A craeture that survived evolution and is living in remote area. The scientists go very scinetific about its discovery.
Lasting Appeal: 6/10. Yet another "monster under water" movie, but well done and with less plotholes.
Overall rating: 7/10


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Drive in Sci-Fi: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1955)
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