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 Drive-In Sci-Fi: The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)

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PostSubject: Drive-In Sci-Fi: The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)   Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:52 am

Yep, the title is not misspelled, its Xperiment instead of experiment.
A rocketship crashes into earth and the locals calls in the iremen to see whats going on. The police and ambulance shows up too, but the while town wants to follow them to the crash site.
A scientist called Quatermass, who designed the spaceship also comes, claiming that he is a scientist, not a fortune teller, therefore cant tell what went wrong. From the accents it look like the action is taking place in England, but it is not specifically stated. You get some tells like "ministry of defence" coming in and whatnot.
They walk arond and try to communicate but cant. The Quatermass is arguing for "Every experiment is a gamble" angle and that he was ok to send them there without official sanction. He looks like somewhat facist scientist, bossing minsitry of defence around and whatnot. he mkes a plan to get the 3 men inside a rocket out, if their alive or dead.
As they open the door one of the astronauts get out, barely alive. The other two inside appear to have dissapeared. The camera recrds appear to have been destroyed in the crash too. So Quatermass begins asking the one thats alive but they drag him out of the ambulance. The man tells "help me" silently and nothing more.
The last alive person is sick with soem strange disease they dont know yet. And the other two men are turned into jelly. The quatermass acts like he knows a lot but is fascinated by it at the same time. The survived person acts pretty much like he was lobotomized. he barely even moves.
He grabs a cactus and smashes it to one of the doctors heads. Thats very random but makes the guy so much more badass. The cactus merges with the person making him very painful. He then escapes the facility and starts killing people in town ike a serial killer. The doctor is chasing him and so does policemen but they have no luck in finding him.
They capture piece of the creature. Grow it to a star-shaped creature quite large. it devours mice but thy keep experimenting with it. As he gets out of control they eventually light it on fire with electricity. That seems to stop him.
Quatermass walks into the night stating that "hes going to try again"

Story: 8/10. Loved the Quatermass, a scientists who believed that knowledge was worth sacrificing a few lives.
Acting: 6/10. Main cast delivers well, supporting not so much.
Sound: 5/10. Ah, the lovely silence.
Sci factor: 9/10. Safe for alien calmer, it was very good on this department.
Lasting Appeal: 10/10. One to remember for a totally different, more realistic and darker approach.
Overall rating: 8/10


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Drive-In Sci-Fi: The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)
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