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 Drive-In Sci-Fi: Quatermass and the Pitt (1967)

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PostSubject: Drive-In Sci-Fi: Quatermass and the Pitt (1967)   Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:38 am

Ah, the last movie reviewed. Everything comes to an end. Even bad movies and even worse reviews. BUt we shall not despair, for the old things dieing opens the doors to new things. Now that im done with the senseless pondering on to the review we go.
The last movie of Quatermass trilogy, made 10 years after the second instalment, obviously has the undertones of its times - 67 was an era when movies started to "look" good. A bunch of diggers open up multiple skeletons buried underground.
quickly scientists get involved as it is obviously an old skeleton and is of interest to archaeologists. Supposedly it states that man-like creatures lived on england 5 million years ago. they also find a metal object, its not steel because magnets dont work on it and then it does not seem to be dangerous either.
Then enter quatermass, arguing with top brass about military bases on the moon. apparently over the last 10 years quatermass not only aged, but also became peace-loving hippie that want England out of arms race.somehow he gets driven to the cave and looks at the object, but he seems to be looking from behind rather than running the show. However as he gets up to speed he has his suspicions. The local policemen tell him tales about ghosts in the houses underground. neither of them believe it ofc but still quatermass finds it interesting. The street is called "Hob's lane" which was a nickname for the devil apparently.
Next day they try to cut in though the object, but torchlight dont even get it warm. One guy sees a ghost, but no one believes him. Quatermass of course has his own plan, he goes to library and find out some latin tale about demons inside the machine. But this takes too much time and h e gets late to stop the drilling of the cavity inside the object they found. They use some super powerful drill and attempt to get though. But it doesn't even leave a scratch.
As they turn it off they notice that some hope opens up in the cavity, but it doesn't look drilled, but melted. The whole wall starts falling apart and there is some diamond shaped thing inside. It appears that it is inhabited by multiple small "demons", that are quite "Dead". They get a creature out and put it into sandbag, want to keep it for research, but its decomposing fast.
While they evacuate the dead creatures, Quatermass explores the ship and thins that the "missile" is sort of half-alive mechanism. The military disagree with him but the argument doesn't go far.
They get creatures back to the institute and analyses them extensively. They decide it was some sort of alien, Quatermass suggest martians. They tell the press, and that makes the government very unhappy.However Quatermass ignores the unhappiness and goes on to tell his theory, that the Martians have changed the apes on earth and then the changed apes evolved into humans. So intervention of Martians have created humans. Martian insects are our gods. The government put out a statement that it was a Nazi Propaganda instead.
However that night something happens, a local worker finds an ability to consciously move object. So they try to see whatever unconciuos visions of human appear, trying to find the martian prime, because the guy that had an accident saw a vision of life on mars 5 million years ago. strange creature. Since that fails, they try the experiment in a cave, this time in quatermass himself. However it is the assitant that gets the visions and so they quickly switch the machines to her and they get a vision of mars, and the bugs.
They sow the vision to the high brass. They dont seem to be impressed. They make a press conference near the thing, and ignore all Quatermass warnings. As that goes on all the lights go off and the thing starts to glow. television signals are also going out around town and some strnage sound begins to stay inside as well as objects flying around the pace again. The show starts glowing intensely and people run off scared. Now they saw an alien. Only Quatermass remains inside and tries to film the thing.all hell breaks loose and the Quatermass is starting to become one of the aliens - mentally. but his friend tires to save him from the evil mind control.
They make a plan, ground it. put its energy into ground with iron. maybe that will shut off the machine. Of course they have to work around obstacles like mind-controled people. They use a crane for that and it seems to work, the machine shuts down and the crane bursts into flame. Quatermass friend dies in the process and this time he appears to be really saddened by it.

Story: 8/10. The story was quite interesting and not overused before.
Acting: 7/10. the actors are definitely stepping up in this one.
Sound: 6/10. Not great, but softer and more less dated.
Sci factor: 10/10. They even managed to scientifically explain devil and evil. And made it believable.
Lasting Appeal: 8/10. One of those movies you wont forget easily.
Overall rating: 8/10


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Drive-In Sci-Fi: Quatermass and the Pitt (1967)
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