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welcome to the forums guys please keep active and enjoy your stay....REMEMBER TO BOOKMARK THE SITE!
MwN Ventrilo info: shadow.typefrag.com port: 13082 feel free to use

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 about the site

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General of the Army

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PostSubject: about the site   Wed May 19, 2010 6:33 pm

so guys we have some great features here at the site, this is to help you to work your way around the site easily and efficiently.

Register: simply click the register link in the main tool bar under the clan banner.

Posting: go to the desired forum and either click postreply or newtopic depending on what you want to do.

Add a Friend: go to the persons profile and in the top right hand corner you can either add as a friend or add as a foe.

Points and Reputation: points are earned through posting at the site, and helping out the community the more helpful your posts the more points you earn you can add to a persons points but clicking the + in the top right of the persons post, likewise if it was a meaningless post you can hit the - button instead, you will also earn points by simply posting......Reputation is given by members of the community for helpful or useful posts, simply click the THANKS button to give REP.

Chat: yes the site has its own chat feature, any member can go to the bottom of the home page and in the chat window simply click the log-in button in the top right hand side of the screen...please don't be offensive, racist or abuse swear words in the public chat, this may cause you to receive a timeout or permanent ban.

Calendar: will inform members of any upcoming events etc the clan is holding.

Search: use the search button in the main tool bar to quickly find posts or topics you may have interest in.

Memberlist: shows a list of the currently registered and active members of the community.

Usergroups: shows a list of current admins/moderators, all complaints and grievances are to be directed towards one of these members.

Profile: shows the members current profile information, can be visited by either clicking on the members name or clicking on the profile button at the bottom of any posts they may have made.

Messages: yes you can even send personal messages to other members this will tell you if you have any new messages or allow you to send messages as well, likewise you can send messages/emails to members by clicking on the PM or email button at the bottom of any post they have made.

so welcome to Mans Worst Nightmare's clan homepage, enjoy your stay and if you have any questions regarding the clan or site feel free to ask.
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about the site
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