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 my BOSE on-ear review

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PostSubject: my BOSE on-ear review   my BOSE on-ear review Icon_minitimeSat Aug 07, 2010 11:10 am

hey guys i recently brought a pair of Bose on-ear headphones and thought id write up a review for you all.......

so Bose are a very well known audiophile company who have great products for all areas of ones needs, from stereo to home theater and everything in between.

i have gone through quite a number of headphones over the past couple of years and decided it was time to spend more on a quality pair that would last longer.....

i looked at a number of different brands from sennhieser, sony to Coby before really deciding on spending a lot more by going with Bose.

the two sets i was looking at where the over-ear set and the on ear set.

i wet to the factory outlet shop and tried both pairs on before deciding apon the on-ear set, which felt more comfortable, seemed to have a higher bass range and just sounded that little bit more clear and crisp.

my BOSE on-ear review Bose3.th

my BOSE on-ear review Bose2.th

my BOSE on-ear review Bose1s.th

the earpieces employ a cushy memory foam that conforms to your ears nicely, and they do a better job than you'd think of passively shutting out noise. The headphones are very comfortable, because the deliciously soft leather pads are pressed right up against your ears, the sound is true and i don't get any echoing that i have experienced with over the ear sets.

The On-Ears have virtually the same size earpieces as the QuietComfort 3s and offer a similar fit. Where the On-Ears have an advantage in my opinion due to the way they're able to fold up--and flatten out--into a more compact footprint than the QuietComfort 3s which are way more expensive at around $350.

as well as that the on-ear set have this great feature where they come with two detachable headphone cables: one 43-incher and one 16-incher. (You can also daisy-chain them together if a long connection is needed.) as well as that you can buy a optional inline microphone mic/cable for making hands-free phone calls or your other mic needs....but this costs an extra $20.
as for sound, i like, i like them a lot.

the low range is great, with crisp and clear sounds, the bass is a little on the boomy side which is great for gaming and doesn't adversely affect music listening, the clarity that i was missing in my other headphones Sennheiser HD202 is very noticeable, and make the world of difference especially in games like FPS where clarity can give you the edge. (the below image is a comparison of size between the Bose and Sennheiser HD202 headphones)

my BOSE on-ear review Bose5.th

the frames are light and well made, with a very comfortable padded headrest, they feel good on and after extensive use didn't get uncomfortable in the slightest............

my BOSE on-ear review Bose4.th

so that's the pro's for the headset, the only real downside i have with these is the price...the retail at $170 and that is a very high price, but again they are Bose and add to that the 1 year no questions asked replacement warranty, ie any problems they will give you a new set on the spot, international warranty and lifetime support i was happy paying the price.

so in short while I can't call these Bose headphones a bargain--yes, they're still expensive at $170--they're somewhat of a bargain for Bose headphones. They may not offer best in class performance, but their compact size, appealing design, comfortable fit, and full sound make them easy to recommend.

i personally give them a 9/10

so i hope this was helpful for you, any questions feel free to ask.

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my BOSE on-ear review
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