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 Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush

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PostSubject: Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush   Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 12:00 pm

This is fairly simple tactic, I love doing this one, Its a lot of fun to do. Laying in wait for an armored carrier or a tank or anything really and then just blowing it to hell when it passes by our hidden spot.

My favorite map to do this tactic on is Dragon Valley
Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush Dragon_valley

Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush BF2Ambush1
Vista Point has a great road to do this tactic at.
Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush BF2Ambush2
The road is surrounded on both sides by hills and tree, perfect place for someone to hide in and ambush unsuspecting enemies. Vehicle will take this road from the American controlled Docks spawn point in order to break through to the center of the map. Tanks use this road mostly to get a head start on a hard hitting attack. These tactics will stop those tanks dead on the road.
Your gonna wanna place C4 in the middle of the road or on the sides hidden in bushes or grass where it wont be seen, Two things of C4, one on each side of the road will stop a vehicle easily.

Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush BF2Ambush3
Once your explosives are set and ready to blow, hide, get into the tree where you have a good view up and down the road and where you can see your C4, but make sure you aren't able to be seen by the enemy. Tree normally hide you well enough so you should be okay on this road, it has enough cover.Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush BF2Ambush4
The last part is most important, you must wait and be patient, it could take a couple minutes or so for an enemy to make their way up to your ambush spot. Just be patient and when they arrive you will be awarded with a boom.Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush BF2Ambush5

Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush Generalapok
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Battlefield 2 Armored Ambush
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