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 Drive-In Sci-Fi: The Eye Creatures (1965)

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PostSubject: Drive-In Sci-Fi: The Eye Creatures (1965)   Mon May 21, 2012 11:50 am

A spaceship of unfamiliar design is approaching the earth, with no attempts of communication. But the defence personnel is rather spying on hot chicks then doing their job. The whole thing has those 60s-70 wibe, even the colouring got that, they were going for the young crowd there. Its not the whole hippy era yet, but when it was still young and actually cool.
The spaceship lands, but the film takes much more time showing off all the characters, all of which seems trivial so far, instead if looking at aliens. The teens notice the spacecraft and want to cash it big by selling it. Military also mobilizes to get on the scene, but it drags way too fast. The teens driving without lights actually hit one of them, and decapitates him. It looks strange, the costume is great though.
They get to old house, the local owner runs them off, nothing much happens. Infact i got a terrible feeling i saw this before. But everything said i haven't, so probably a very very similar plot. So what the kids do actually is put the alien in the trunk and drive off till it appears to be middle of the day. He calls his friend, then drives back home and its night again. man he lives far. However he gets attacked by aliens with bloody mouths and killed. Revenge a day old they run as fast as a car though.
The military eventually finds the spacecraft and tries to force it open, but the craft explodes.
The kids catch a alien claw in their car, get to the dead guys friend, he grabs a camera and they go to get pictures of the claw. He does, but they also find out that the flash from the camera disintegrates them. they dont understand yet but they do destroy it by trying to take a picture. Spotlight woks too so they use cars spotlight to attack the creatures.
Afterwards kid gets his friends in to help them find the missing guy (the camera owner) that the aliens dragged away. It also apepars some costumes are missing, because sometimes alien has a human body. The kids suround the, use thier lights of the cars and flash-burn all the aliens, saving the day.

Story: 7/10. the story was fine in the end, even if it had little ties together.
Acting: 5/10. the acting was fine except for the girl who screamed way too much.
Sound: 5/10. not as bad, this is definitely better than most.
Sci factor: 3/10. incompetent military, aliens that walk like zombies and land on earth while being afraid of light.
Lasting Appeal: 4/10. quite forgettable.
Overall rating: 5/10

Edit: it is actually a remake f Invasion of the saucer men (1957) and thats where i remmeber it from.


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Drive-In Sci-Fi: The Eye Creatures (1965)
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