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 Drive-In Sci-Fi: 20 Million Miles To Earth (1957)

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PostSubject: Drive-In Sci-Fi: 20 Million Miles To Earth (1957)   Mon May 14, 2012 11:44 am

A spaceship is sent to Venus, all goes well and its returning, but on the return trip it crashes of the coast of Sicily valley. The local fisherman approach it and notices a huge hole on the side of the ship. Inside they find a barely alive pilot and a dead one. After they help that one pilot out, the ship sinks.
Back in pentagon they find out about it and send their men with Italian cooperation to investigate. The local kid steals some machinery that is washed ashore. That infact holds a canister of some wierd slime, he obviously opens it and looks at it. There is something inside. Dumb local kids. The kid runs off and shows it to the European Zoologist that is taking a vocation. He wants to sell the slime to him. The slime appears to be silicon, which i guess is from venus, since venus does possibly have high content of silicon.
There is another person that survived, but he seems to have some sort of fatal veneran disease. After he tells about specimen that must not be let go the poor guy dies. and since they take no precaution i guess the disease will spread too. The creature in the slime however escapes. but does not seem to be extremely dangerous. he is afraid of light to begin with. It looks like a dinosair-human hybrid. And the woman can only think of "hes so very ugly". typical.
The next morning they find it grown up almost triply in size. The Washington guys come and get briefed. The spaceship was hit by meteor, the crew died from toxic venus atmosphere and the creature is in fact unborn life from venus, that was born thanks to the silly boy. They jut want to study the creature. They dont know the danger it pose. The kid is reedy and as they offer a reward for the container he tells them everything. They reward him for that, because well they dont know he unleashed it. Meanwhile the creature grew so big it managed to break the cage and escape to the wild. However he does not kill the captors, so it does not look like he is hostile without reason. the americans catch up with them and chase the creature. They havent met yet, but they are close. Meanwhile the creature finds a farm and explores all the animals in it. The creature seems frightened by the animals, especially chicken. The local dog finds him and attacks, so the creature earns to defend himself. The americans finally catch up with the creature and they have a staring standoff.
Then they deicde to agress the craeture and lure it into a wooden cart. because metal bars couldnt hold him so wood surely will. However the local are stupid and attacks him with a rake, so the creature bites off his arm. The shovel smash doesn to seem to do any affect on the creature so they eventually grab a weapon, which doesnt penetrate its skin either. So they lock him in a barn.
Then the Italians decide to give it a fits and go off to kill the monster regardless of its scientific significance. ignorant European policeman is yet another stereotype we have here.
They quicly make a plan - electrified net that should paralize the creature. The creature does not seem to be interested in wrecking havoc though, he just drinks from a waterfall and runs from the humans. They get the net, electrify it and the creature freezes.
They get t to Rome, and put it under surveilance. the creature continues to grow however and it is a small Godzila now. They keep it unconciuos though. The electricity breaks and the creature escapes, but so does an elephant and they wrestle. It slays the elephant and escapes screaming. However im not sure who screams more annoyingly, the creature or the local romans.
and then suddenly, army. Tanks arrive in the streets like its every day business, the local cars dont even react. The creature goes mad and starts breaking bridges just for the hell of it. The whole third act is basically creature runing around the city and humans chasing it trying to kill it. The creature does not seem to want to kill anyone and does everything in self defence. This movie could be so much more, but it turned out, well, boring.

Story: 5/10. the begining was interesting, the middle was bellow average and the ending rampage was awful.
Acting: 4/10. the acting was ok for such a movie.
Sound: 0/10. I cant decide which gave me a headache, the creatures scream that was like a dog pitcher or the human s scream that was no better.
Sci factor: 7/10. well a creature comes from Venus and is frightened by humans. we try to kill so it tries to kill us back. it really wasnt that badly done.
Lasting Appeal: 5/10. untraditional but badly done.
Overall rating: 4/10


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Drive-In Sci-Fi: 20 Million Miles To Earth (1957)
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