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 Drive in Sci-Fi: The H-Man (1958)

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PostSubject: Drive in Sci-Fi: The H-Man (1958)   Wed May 02, 2012 1:16 pm

There has been a robbery and a man gets murdered in the process. However the killer pretty much disappears. The police is baffled by it and investigates his girlfriend, then puts some officers to follow her. She sings at the cabaret for work, and so we get a long singing scene that provides nothing to the story. Theres also a young researched that claims that radioactive rain made the man melt down but he jut gets laughed at. We also find out that two men found a drifting boat in the ocean. The hip is littered with clothes, fully suited but without bodies. One if the investigators that came with the two steals a set and almost instantly melts away, his clothes remaining. Another body forms from that mass, pours onto a person and he melts away as well. Only two survivors escape, the ones telling the tale. The police still doesnt believe them though. They do an experiment with a frog and it melts. Police Still does not believe them. Its some organism that devours the creatures. Very stubborn police we got here and then more scientists ponder if its real or not.
Eventually once it starts killing targets in the town they start to believe them, and make a plan to destroy it. They go to severs for it. They use fire to kill it, and they light water on fire? Well supposedly they are destroying the "black ash" radiation. But its not only water, they also are burning the "goo people", the people that melted. They siceed to destroy it and save Tokyo.

Story: 4/10. Very similar to The Blob but much more time-dragger and filler with singing numbers. Attack of the Mushroom People from same company handled similar material better. I have reviewed that too, quite a while ago.
Acting: 7/10. acting in this movie was fine, for what it was.
Sound: 5/10. Although some bad music, still better than American counterparts.
Sci factor: 8/10. Atrouh radiactibvity making "goo people" is a strech, they went very scinetifically about it.
Lasting Appeal: 5/10. meh
Overall rating: 6/10


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Drive in Sci-Fi: The H-Man (1958)
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