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 Drive-in Sci-Fi: The Twonky (1953)

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PostSubject: Drive-in Sci-Fi: The Twonky (1953)   Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:59 am

Wife of the main character goes to visit someone out of town for a visit to her sister and has bought him a TV to keep company. He hates the thing. The TV also has some sort of lazer that lights his cigarette up, and its not even plugged in. He gets very happy when a repairman shows up with a bill she forgot to pay and he does not pay it, so he wants the repairman to take it back. However the TV duplicates the money and the guy just takes that. The TV then starts doing more things, wash dishes, clean clothes, whatever.
He calls in a friend, the friend also sees the thing moving, and he thinks they are both hallucinating. Then he thinks they are both insane and starts telling about his miserable life. He calls the TV "a twonky" and explains: "something you dont know what it is". then instantly falls asleel.
The TV starts forcing him to listne to certain music, eat certain foods and walks around by military music. He dont even let him telephone to his wife. Next day they take pictures of it, but the Twonky ruins the pictures. He even fixes the guys brain to dont think about freedom and individualism.
The next day his friend asks a few students to come in and break the TV. The TV zaps all the students. He pretty much lobotomizes them and makes them a zombie all they say is "no complain, im going home". The robot even calls about "sending blonde female agent for the master". He even zaps the friend and makes a zombie out of him.
Then all starts breake loose, police goes into the house for nothing, then treasury department comes up about the fake bills. And the Twonky this time plays dumb. After they start hitting him though the TV starts zapping them. Then he asks the wife whether she is the female companion he asked for, so she starts going back home on fast track. Meanwhile the main guy is totally wasted, for no reason it seems. The TV makes him sober really fast. And he hates him for it. What kind of moron is he?
There is also a collection woman at his house that stays overnight, eventually the TV kills the poor woman. At same moment his wife returns and he shows her the walking TV.
They make a plan, he lures the TV into the car and drives the car of the road. But twonky stops the car and does not let him do that. He doesnt even let him speed. Eventually the TV gets angry and gets him to make a car crash, and now he ends up in hospital, which has a TV. He goes nuts over it.

Story: 7/10. A 50s sci-fi that was genuinely funny while still having a messadge? works for me.
Acting: 7/10. Most acting is done by the main guy, and hes good at it.
Sound: 4/10. Wasnt that bad beside the military music march.
Sci factor: 1/10. A walking robot TV that can do everything with his eletroshock? sorry, doesnt work.
Lasting Appeal: 10/10. This is very unique movie, well worth remembering.
Overall rating: 6/10


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Drive-in Sci-Fi: The Twonky (1953)
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