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 Drive-In Sci-Fi: Eyes Without A Face (1960)

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PostSubject: Drive-In Sci-Fi: Eyes Without A Face (1960)   Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:21 pm

The opening of the movie is slow to say the least. We see a woman drive in a car carrying some sleeping person in the back for 4 minutes. All with the ear piercing music that it certainly could do without. When she arrives at the ocean side it turns out that the person is infact a dead woman and the driver throws her into the water. Oh a mistery, french knew how to do it back then. (nowadays its all about "artsy" everyday life or ridiculous comedies).
There is a doctor, a surgeon, who makes a lecture about organ transplantation. We also find out that he has a daughter that dissapeared and that her whole face was "an open wound". The police founds the body we see thrown away in the begining of the movie and think it is his daughter, so they call him in for recognition. He buries her with all ceremony and there seems to be nothing suspciuos about it, from the outside.
However once he gets home we find out that his daughter is still alive, and still without a face. She is scared of her own face, but the doctor, her father, and the secretary, who seems to be her friend says that they will get her new face. Meanwhile, she must wear a mask. But she gets all emotional about how she can see her face and so on, typical whiny victim personality.
Then the doctor goes out and kidnaps a girl, indicatively not his first time. He then cuts her face off, very badly, he cant enve follow his own line, and hes a surgeon. The operation suceeds and the girl has a new face now. And the first thing she does is goes shoplifting. And gets caught too. But they let her go as they dont recognize her.
In the evening at the dinner table she confeses that she doesnt recognize herself and is feeling bad about it. Once agian whining even though her father not only saved her life but also killed to make her beautiful. The beaty doesnt last long, in a week it starts to deteriorate, and as time goes by it peals off completely. Still that is pretty long time for a new face. She wants the secretary to kill her because she dont wnat to be operated on again. Strange woman is this.
The doctor kidnaps another one and tries again. This time with radiation. However he gets interupted by police and the auhter frees the kidnapping victim. The secretary finds out and tries to stop her, but the girl just stabs her with a scalpel. She then releases the dogs that he experiments on and the dogs kill the doctor.

Story: 7/10. The story is ruined by a whiny daughter.
Acting: 7/10. Actors do a pretty decent job in this one.
Sound: 3/10. terrible soun effects, but they arent thoughout whole film.
Sci factor: 8/10. Facial transpartation. Thei first full facial trnasplantation was done in 2008 in Spain, so fiction has turned reality. Altrough reality is nto as beatiful, but in this movie the transplanatation does not fully work, so its not really a sucess experiment.
Lasting Appeal: 6/10. yet another mad doctor kidnaps peopel to experiment movie, except in france.
Overall rating: 6/10


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Drive-In Sci-Fi: Eyes Without A Face (1960)
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