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 Why do you need to be aware of the solar energy facts?

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PostSubject: Why do you need to be aware of the solar energy facts?   Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:23 am

It is vital for the future of our planet that all of us become aware of the solar energy facts. If we don’t turn to sources of energy other than fossil fuels, the environment that we live in will probably be gone. But the solar panel systems are actually fully silent while they're collecting power and so you won't even know they exist.

Solar energy facts are easy to find, specifically online. You just need to type “solar energy” in to a web browser in order to discover a huge selection of websites that are dedicated to solar power information. Else, you can consult a local genuine Solar energy victoria firm to get the information directly. Solar technology is easily the most obtainable energy source well-known to man right now.

Humans have used solar energy for thousands of years. Solar power is one of the best ways to obtain the home powered and ready to go. There are many new homes which might be coming with these panels already installed for the new homeowner. Solar power can also be used to meet the electricity requirements. This particular electricity can either be harnessed for it is or may be stored in the battery.

Solar power can be stored in battery packs. Or perhaps the energy can be held in a battery for an unexpected emergency. Solar power is an alternative energy supply that involves harnessing the actual radiant light electricity emitted by the sunlight and converting this into electrical current. The ability to harness and utilize solar energy has greatly increased, allowing homes and companies to make use of the repair energy source rather than depend on conventional methods of generating power.
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PostSubject: Re: Why do you need to be aware of the solar energy facts?   Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:57 am

This is all nice and fluffy as long as you live in places like Australia.
I done some research into solar power and found out that one would have to lay whole area of my country (lithuania) with most efficient solar batteries and it wouldn't be making enough power to fulfil the needs of the country. This is because we get a lot less sunlight. For example turkey gets average per year 10 times more sun than we do.
Its a good thing, but it doesnt work everywhere.
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Why do you need to be aware of the solar energy facts?
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